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Shaping the future

The readiness to adapt the products and services to customer requirements is reflected not only in the corporate development of Lederer GmbH, but also in the products and services themselves: Founded in 1970 by Rainer Lederer and Hans Lipinski in Wuppertal, the company (then called Lederer & Lipinski) began with four employees in the still-young market for stainless steel fasteners and then expanded continuously. Just five years later the company had to move to larger premises, taking its expanded 16-strong team to Ennepetal.

After another 13 years, the company again found itself needing more space; in the same year its 30 employees were able to move into the newly built administration and warehousing complex. After a warehouse extension in 1995, in 2007 a modern high-bay warehouse has put into operation; this has almost doubled company’s warehousing capacity. More than 120 committed employees work there today.

The workforce and the premises were not the only things to grow; the products and services also developed constantly. The quality assurance certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 that was introduced in 1993, the introduction of C-parts management in 1996 and the continuous adjustment to changed standards, materials and product details are just some of the highlights.

The Lederer product and service range is now based on three core segments:

  • the „traditional sale“ of fasteners to trade and industry (normed, standardized and also special parts made from stainless steel, steel and special materials) more
  • services relating to all aspects of the fasteners (finishing, coating, sorting, packaging …) more
  • C-parts management and logistics systems (also articles not in assortment) more

More than 6,000 satisfied customers have already opted for a long-term business relationship with Lederer. In many cases these relationships have even developed into trusting partnerships. To us, this proves that the course we have taken is the correct one – and we will continue to follow it single-mindedly. This guarantees that in future too, the customer will have a responsible, competent and reliable partner in Lederer.