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Lederer - DIN- und Normteile aus Edelstahl

Normed and standardized parts made of stainless steel

Our 50 years’ experience on the market for stainless steel fasteners is brought to bear with particular force in this product segment. All of the articles with relevance to fastening technology – from the traditional hexagon head screws and hexagon nuts in hundreds of individual models, through plain washers, tab washers and retaining rings in many versions, right up to bolts and rivets in just as many variations – can be delivered.

Both the parts standardized in accordance with DIN resp. ISO (or DIN EN ISO and others) and the non-standardized fasteners (e.g. chipboard screws, mushroom head screws, washers) are available.

Stainless steel remains the material of choice for many of the Lederer customers’ fields of application. Hardly any other material can boast its defining properties, such as corrosion resistance, long lifespan and non-magnetizability. And not least, the optical impression made by a mirror-finished stainless steel fastener influences the choice of material more often than one would suppose.

If you require articles made from materials other than stainless steel (e.g. steel or nonferrous materials), Lederer can also deliver these – often directly ex stock. In this way you can satisfy your entire demand for fasteners at our one-stop shop; even within the scope of logistics systems or C-parts management.