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Automated shipment notification ... Lederer has added a powerful digital component to its customer service!

Lederer has added a powerful digital component to its customer service: The automated shipment notification by eMail. This gives customers the option of an automatic shipment notification on the day of dispatch including a tracking link to the logistics partner and (if you like to have) also with the associated delivery notes as an eMail attachment in pdf format.

    Tracking with one click:
    The link to the logistic partner and the specific consignment is also included in this eMail. This allows you to check the shipment status and the expected (or already completed) delivery date live at any time.

    Everything at a glance:
    All relevant order data are listed in the shipping notification eMail.

    • package type and weight
    • number of items contained
    • order and item numbers (if available: customers numbers)
    • item quantities
    • shipping agent / courier
    • delivery note(s) in pdf format(if requested)

    Detailed information, a presentation of the various options and online registration can be found here: