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EcoVadis Silver Medal: Lederer with top sustainability record

Great importance is attached to our own sustainability requirements and those of customers worldwide. For the sustainability practiced, Lederer has now received the silver medal from EcoVadis, the provider of sustainability rankings.

„Lederer GmbH from Ennepetal is in the top four percent of the companies assessed by EcoVadis in the wholesale of metal and plastic goods” is the overall assessment by EcoVadis of Lederer.

We take our responsibility as a company for our impact on society, the environment and the well-being of our employees very seriously. As supply chains are becoming more and more complex, there are also increasingly important tasks for shaping our sustainability balance sheet. So far, our focus has been on the price, availability and quality of the products, but now ecological, ethical and social aspects are becoming more and more important“, explains Dr. Volker Lederer, owner and managing director.
In this year's sustainability assessment, with 64 points, we missed the gold medal by three points and improved by 13 percent. Our goal for 2023 is to continue to focus even more on ecological aspects and to do even better in the sustainability assessment“, Volker Lederer continues.

Acting sustainably as a company has been a matter of course for Lederer for many years. Lederer GmbH is a major buyer of electrical energy and switched two years ago to a provider of pure, certified green electricity. In addition, the conversion of vehicles to hybrid and electric drives began last year. The company's own charging stations supply the vehicle fleet exclusively with electricity from renewable energies. In addition, 500 trees were planted as part of an initial reforestation.

The company is also currently dealing with the topics of energy and resources. "Smart Home" solutions are being considered for the offices, i.e. intelligent control systems to reduce energy consumption. In addition, Lederer GmbH deals intensively with the keywords heat pumps and photovoltaics. The medium and long-term goal is to become largely independent of fossil fuels and to generate electricity for your own needs.