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Rebuilt in record time: New pallet areas in the picking warehouse

3 months in 120 seconds: Our time-lapse film sums it all up

Another milestone was achieved at Lederer as part of the company's continuous growth. In record time!

It took less than three months for the 37-year-old shelving system with around 23,000 addressable storage spaces to be replaced by 2,000 modern, height-optimized pallet racks. (... of course in “live operation” ... meanwhile work continued in the remaining picking areas and shelf aisles at Lederer.)

As a result of this rebuilding, the operationally used area in the picking warehouse was increased by approx. 30% to almost 9,000 pallet spaces. In the weeks and months beforehand, the previous shelf storage areas had already been moved into a newly occupied hall with a newly constructed shelving system.

As with the last major construction and expansion measures (new logistics building and new office construction),a time-lapse camera once again documented all steps:
From dismantling and demolishing the old infrastructure to renovating the areas and setting up the pallet racks, (almost) every step can be seen in the approximately two-minute film.
(alternatively also here)